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"Ever Considered the World of Mystery Shopping?"

Visit Retail Stores, Enjoy $$$$$'s in Freebies AND Get Paid!

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Every single day, an elite group of Americans are claiming BIG freebies from BIG retail stores.

Individuals JUST LIKE YOU are enjoying...
   Secret Shopping In Restaurants  EXPENSIVE MEALS at exclusive restaurants -- totally FREE of charge!

   Secret Shopping Jobs  EXCITING NEW CLOTHES, including BIG name brands -- without paying!
   Free Vacations As A Mystery Shopper Secret Shopping  LUXURY CRUISES, VACATIONS and exciting Disney mini-breaks -- for FREE!
   Secret Shopper Buying Jewelry  DESIGNER JEWELRY the latest designer jewelry, without spending a single CENT!
   Get Your Hair Done While On A Mystery Shopper Job  Plus FREE hair-styling & tanning... hotel rooms... grocery shopping... and more!

The best part is -- every single one of these shoppers are getting PAID for the privilege of being totally pampered.
Sound too good to be true? It's happening right now, in YOUR neighborhood, and you're MISSING OUT!


Read on to discover how YOU can get involved in the world of "mystery shopping"...

"HEY, Consumer, Corporate America Needs YOU!"

Step This Way And Discover the SECRETS of Mystery Shopping

-- And How YOU Can Enjoy Total Luxury, for FREE!

Mystery shopping is nothing more than market research used by large companies...

The pay marketing companies BIG BUCKS to do the research. And those companies HIRE YOU to do the actual work. Your job is to collect information on how regular shoppers, JUST LIKE YOURSELF, are treated in stores and resorts across the USA.

Were the staff polite? Was your hotel room clean? Did they ask if you'ld like Fries with that?

If you can answer simple questions such as these honestly, you are mystery shopper material. There are absolutely NO special requirements. Everyone's a shopper, anyone can become a mystery shopper.


Well, you get to experience some of the MOST EXCLUSIVE SERVICES available, for FREE!

Just imagine taking your partner to one of the most exclusive restaurants in town. The service is supreme. The wine is outstanding. The food simply takes your breath away. This is a place fit for Kings. At the end of the meal, you pay the hefty check. It costs a small fortune.

Then you go home and make a few notes. Within a day, you get EVERY SINGLE CENT of your money reimbursed. The meal didn't cost you a penny.

Not only that -- the company also PAYS YOU for your trouble!

That's right -- in addition to experiencing glorious service, you can expect to earn between $5 and $45 per typical assignment, plus travel expenses to boot.

However it doesn't stop with restaurants. Mystery shopper jobs range from large department stores, to beauty salons, to five-star hotels, to large supermarkets, to fast food restaurants, to cruise liners, to adventure parks!

Another Happy Mystery Shopper On The Job

Most People NEVER Get Started with Mystery Shopping.

I'll Tell You WHY -- And How to BEAT the System!

(PS. It has nothing to do with effort. This is EASY and FUN!)

Right now, the mystery shopping world is overflowing with vacancies...

Jobs are coming up at a PHENOMENAL rate.

Yet most people that try to get into this exciting industry give up before they EVEN get started.


Because in the world of mystery shopping, you need to land on the ground running.

You need to get involved with REPUTABLE COMPANIES from the start - And not by signing up as a "free member" with any of the mystery shopping scam sites on the Internet.

To be a successful mystery shopper, you need to know:

   Mystery Shopper Company Contacts  Exactly WHO to contact -- mystery shopping companies and industry insiders
   Jobs For Secret Shoppers Going Mystery Shopping  The different types of jobs -- for example, the difference between a retail shop and a dead letter box shop
   Register To Become A Mystery Shopping On The Job  WHERE to register -- the hidden online application forms for mystery shopping companies near you
   Exactly How To Act On Your New Shopping Job  WHAT TO DO on your first job -- how to behave and take notes, and exactly what you need to notice

And what's the chance of acquiring this knowledge? This is an industry shrouded in secrecy. It's often referred to as secret shopping, and die-hard mystery shoppers don't like newbies invading their turf.

In other words, you CAN'T enter the industry -- UNLESS you associate with someone "in the know." Most people have no connections and therefore will never get started.

You, however, have one FANTASTIC contact.

The all-new Mystery-Shopper-USA Guide...

Here's How YOU Can Hit the Ground Running...

With the EXCLUSIVE Mystery Shopper USA Guide.

(PS. It was written by an insider, with over 300+ contacts!)

The Mystery-Shopper-USA Guide is your ONE STOP SHOP for success in the world of mystery shopping...

It makes no apologies: it's a rough and ready guide to getting you up-and-running in this lucrative business, FAST.

It incorporates a down-to-earth overview of mystery shopping, explaining exactly how you can enter the industry looking like a professional. You'll read about common pitfalls, and the rates of a typical mystery shopping job.

You'll discover how to execute your very first job -- from how to secretly take notes while inside a store, to a legitimate technique that can quadruple the travel expenses you claim. It's all here.

But most importantly of all -- You'll find our personal contacts directory of around 300 mystery shopping groups throughout the great United States of America!

We provide names, descriptions, ratings -- even Web links to online application forms. This is up-to-the-minute insider knowledge that has taken literally months to compile, and hast JUST been updated for June 2019.

We've even included a bundle of international mystery shopping companies -- so you can experience freebies as you travel the world!

You won't find this anywhere else.

It's absolutely EVERYTHING you need. It's your single, one-way ticket to an amazing mystery shopper lifestyle!

And the Mystery-Shopper-USA Guide is ONLY available via the site. It is NOT available for sale anywhere else, and we have yet to find a more comprehensive resource.

We did it for the United Kingdom, when we released the Mystery Shopper UK Guide.... And now we're coming home!

It's your ticket to joining the elite, and experiencing some of the greatest freebies our U.S.A. has to offer!

Secret Shopping Is The Life

Here's Why We're ONLY Retailing a SHOCKING 450 Copies --

And How YOU Can Save $25 When You Buy TODAY.

(PS. Yes, you need to buy before midnight Monday!)

The mystery shopping industry is crying out for new shoppers...

However, in order to maintain the exclusivity of this guide and ensure the market doesn't become oversubscribed, we're LIMITING the number of copies available.

This site will ONLY retail 450 copies of the Mystery-Shopper-USA Guide.

After the 450th order has been processed, this site will be replaced by a support page, where we'll provide regular updates to existing customers. You will NO LONGER be able to purchase the guide. We've already sold a large number of copies since our launch in May 2019 (last month) and expect to clear out our remaining guides THIS month.

But there's good news. To CELEBRATE the fantastic success of our guide so far, we're reducing the price on our last handful of sales...

... DOWN TO JUST $14.95!!

That's a MASSIVE saving of $25 on our previous price of $39.95... when you order
BEFORE midnight on Monday, June 10th 2019!!

PLUS, BUY NOW and you'll receive TOTALLY FREE lifetime support for your purchase. We'll always be on hand to provide technical assistance and answer your mystery shopping questions, via our dedicated support site,

Another Secret Mystery Shopper Going Shopping As A Part Time Job

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If you want to experience FREE restaurant meals, FREE luxury cruise holidays, FREE five-star hotels, FREE hair-styling, FREE groceries, FREE Fashion clothing, and more, you must make your decision NOW.

And if you decide you want to join this elite group of American mystery shoppers, click below to get started TODAY!

Buy the Mystery-Shopper-USA guide today for $39.95 just $14.95!

Secret Shopping For Free

Secure Mystery Shopping Guide Purchase Click HERE to purchase NOW for just $14.95!

    The Mystery-Shopper-USA Guide is made available as a Windows download.   
You will be sent a link via e-mail immediately after your purchase.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Delta, Switch, Solo, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, Eurocard, JCB and
other cards. You'll also be given the option to phone in your order, or pay by check/cheque.

Alternatively, if you'd prefer to pay via PayPal, simply click the button:

Order Your Secret Mystery Shopping Program With Paypal

Still unsure?
Whether you decide to purchase the Mystery-Shopper-USA Guide is totally up to you. It's your decision. However I'd like to tell you about our 100% refund guarantee that makes your purchase absolutely RISK-FREE!

100% Guaranteed Happy Mystery ShoppersHere's our 100% GUARANTEE...

If you're not absolutely INUNDATED with mystery shopping work, after applying to just 20 of the mystery shopping companies we'll send you... just send us the details and we'll refund your money IMMEDIATELY.

NO surcharges or extra fees. You can feel TOTALLY SAFE with our 100% guarantee!

We know you will be truly ecstatic with the Mystery-Shopper-USA Guide. But now you can give it try, totally risk-free!

So, again, if you're interested -- take this FINAL chance to get in on the act right now, for our special price of just $14.95:

Click HERE to purchase NOW for just $14.95!

Questions? You may wish to read our list of Frequently Asked Questions, or you can contact us direct via our dedicated support site at

I hope you decide to join the exciting realm of mystery shopping. The industry needs Americans like yourself to experience the world of retail therapy and improve the services everyone else receives... all while enjoying your own slice of the pie!

Thank you for your time. I wish you the best in all you do,

Dan Strauss, Site Manager
Mystery Shopper USA, part of the WCCL Network

PS. Can you believe that people are mystery shopping... as you read this? Hundreds of people across the nation right now are enjoying freebies and getting paid for their opinions. Want to join them? Click here!

PPS. Don't confuse the Mystery-Shopper-USA guide with any of the fake mystery shopping opportunities you'll find elsewhere on the Internet. This isn't a subscription, this isn't a "get paid to read your e-mail" con. You'll just get everything you need to start working with GENUINE mystery shopping companies. Click HERE to begin!

PPPS. Did you remember the guarantee? We absolutely PROMISE that you'll be inundated with freebies and mystery shopping work after just a short while working with the guide. There are NO extra costs. Interested? Click HERE!

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