Secret Mystery Shopping Jobs
Archived article, by Bob Seagate



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The companies who want to supply the best services to their customer in this highly competitive world look to secret shoppers to expose the real behavior of their employees and to judge the quality of their products and services. This phenomenon of shopping is known as secret shopping or Mystery Shopping and it is a great job.

One should qualify for secret mystery shopper jobs if he or she has the following qualities:

  • Those who love to shop and eat in restaurants.
  • Those who have a good memory or remember the experience.
  • He or she must be a good observer.
  • One who can clearly describes his/her observations in writing.

         Those who can meet the deadlines.

There are many national companies all over the world who use secret mystery shoppers such as Ruby Tuesday, Reeds Jewelers, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Kmart, OMNI Hotels and Suites, Ace Hardware, Michaels Craft Stores, McDonalds etc. There are also many more top-rated local and multinational enterprises that also need feedback and offer jobs as mystery shoppers.

The secret shopper job holders get paid for their shopping and eating from many department stores, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, health & fitness clubs, beauty salons, car dealers, drug stores, real estate companies, day care centers, banks, theaters, doctor offices, appliance stores, airlines, resorts, market complexes, gas stations, office supply stores and even home improvement warehouses.

Mystery shopping jobs have a great advantage over "member websites":

         Free Ongoing Shopper Training: The companies provide new training to the secret shopper job holders on a biweekly basis. For doing a good job for their company explaining your mystery shopping experience. Companies will teach you all about secret shopping and have many jobs available.

         Free Monthly Teleconferences: The secret shopper job holders first get a handbook from these teleconferences at the shopping industry. The schedulers will provide the ins and outs of your new secret mystery shopping job and the experienced secret shoppers will provide tips and tricks for doing a great job shopping for your new employer.

         Personal attention: The companies provide personal attention and live help to the entire secret shopping job holder in their areas. They will guide you through every step and, it's easy as flipping out the Credit Card and never having to pay it back. Now THAT is shopping at it's best.

         Access to All the Best Secret Mystery Shopping Jobs: One will receive access to a searchable and regularly updated database of the BEST dealers that hire mystery shoppers and can get the details of that company for shopping jobs. Experience is not necessary for a job as a secret mystery shopper.

         Entry into the shopper database: If the original secret shopper holder that was hired does not complete the job, then the company usually provide the job to a new shopper with higher pay to complete the job in time. Secret shopping jobs are available in every city and community.

         Member's Reminder Service:  They send an email to their entire secret shopping force 3-4 days before a job and before the deadline to remind them of the assignment.

Secret shopping is pure fun! One can have a great life style, spent time with their children, get paid for eating and shopping, get paid for one’s opinion, can see the latest movies, can do valuable work and get paid for having fun on their secret mystery shopping jobs.



Click HERE right now to download the Mystery-Shopper-USA Guide!